Messologi Competition 2022


Between 23 and 25 of September 2022 we visited Messologi with SX-ASG and SX-ASV in order to participate in the Annual General Aviation Competition. 23 crews from Greece participated in the competition flights (traffic pattern timing and precision landings). Aeroclub Mesogeion took part with 4 crews of 8 airathletes occupying positions 9, 12, 15 and 19th in the final ranking.

It was the most important moment of 2022 for the Greek General Aviation team, organized by the GA committee and Aeroclub of Messologi!

Aeroclub Mesogeion and Ermis competition crews.

Apart from the local airfield, our delegation visited the area of Messologi.

SX-ASG: Precision landing on RWY 25 at Messologi airfield.

Many thanks to Aeroclub of Messologi and to the orginizing committee!