SX-ASG: RWY 27 take-off from Myrini to Tatoi (Video: L. Ronzi) 10/09/2022

SXASG takeoff RWY25 Mesologi
Aeroclub Mesogeion Clip 2019
Traffic pattern operations at Kopaida airfield / PIC Simos D. 08/03/2020
Aeroclub Mesogeion Clip 2018
Touch n go at RWY 01 Skiathos with SX-ASG 26/04/2019 (video by Ignacio Mauri)
Sound of Liberation - Deus Ex Machina - Flight
Aeroclub Mesogeion Clip 2017
Landing at Milos with SX-ASG 26/11/2017
Aeroclub Mesogeion Clip 2016
Aeroclub Mesogeion Clip 2015
Aeroclub Mesogeion Clip 2013
Flight from Kopaida to Arahova with SX-ASG, 08/12/2013, C. Krontiris

2022-09-23SX-ASG at Mesologi airfield (Photo: Ronzi L.)
2022-06-16Vlachakis Fotios, PPL(A) course completion - Tatoi
2022-02-12Tsopela S, Tsopelas I., 2cd in rank General Aviation Competition - Tatoi.
2022-01-091st SOLO flight with SX-ASG Maniatakos Michail
2021-12-251st SOLO flight with SX-ASG Archontis Alexandros
2021-09-06Fire patrol flight over Lesvos - PIC/Photo E. Sarlanis
2021-06-301st fire patrol flight - G. Foudoukos, S. Ricci
2021-05-03Flight with SX-ASG over Saronikos, Photo G. Fountoukos
2021-03-27Approaching Chios with SX-ASG, Photo G. Lioumis
2021-02-17Tatoi - aeroclub's area
2020-08-081st SOLO of Vamvakas Ioannis with SX-ASG, Dekeleia
2020-06-20Argolikos Gulf, Proto G. Fountoukos
2020-01-191st SOLO of Sarlanis Errikos with SX-ASG, Dekeleia
2019-09-181st LPV approach with SX-ASG at Mitilini Airport
2019-09-08Crossing final RWY 24 at Rodos International with SX-ASV
2019-06-12Amoni Coasts - Dapori 1500FT with SX-ASV
2019-04-26Flight over Halkida with SX-ASG, photo by Ignacio Mauri
2019-03-24Trip to Syros with SX-ASG 24/03/2019
2019-02-07SX-ASG Avionics Upgrage
2019-01-021st flight of 2019 with SX-ASV, PIC Foudoukos G.
2018-12-30Last flights of 2018, with SX-ASV (Photo by S. Konakas)
2018-11-241st JETS-WARBIRDS SHOW, 24-25/11/2018, at Dounis Airfield (Megara - Attiki)
2018-10-29SX-ASG on short final RWY 21R LGAV - Photo: @athensplanespotter (instagram)
2018-09-23Aeroclub Mesogeion in Athens Flying Week 2018
2018-08-21Kastelorizo 21/08/2018 - 1st time with SX-ASG
2018-07-01Skiathos 01/07/2018
2018-06-09From Tatoi to Leros above Ikaria Island at 5000FT with SX-ASG
2018-05-26George Fountoukos and Dimitris Bretas 3rd place in the Local Competition at Maleme, Chania, Crete with SX-ASV
2018-04-22G. Foudoukos and A. Manalis with their cups in front of SX-ASG - 2cd place at GA Rally Flying at Rodos
2018-03-09From Tatoi to Mitilini at FL75 with SX-ASG
2018-02-25Craig Mauzy award for 1st SOLO
2018-01-21G. Foudoukos and A. Manalis with their cups in front of SX-ASG - 1st place at GA Rally Flying at Tatoi
2017-12-08Craig Mauzy first solo flight with the SX-ASV
2017-11-26X-country flight to Milos Island with SX-ASG
2017-10-20Flight to Crete between clouds with SX-ASV
2017-09-24Flight in Aegean Sea with SX-ASV
2017-08-08Dimitris Bretas with SX-ASG at Ikaria airport
2017-07-26Panos Kalnis - 1st SOLO with SX-ASV
2017-06-14Long x-country flight Tatoi-Kefallonia-El. Venizelos
2017-06-12SX-ASG new panel after the installation of GNS430
2017-05-27SX-ASG with G. Fountoukos and Antonis Manalis 4th in rank in GA competition at Maleme - Phto G. Bletsa
2017-05-14Thanasis Dardaganis with his airmodels at N. Aghialos airport together with Markos Kaisarlis
2017-04-29The competition team of Aeroclub Mesogeion: Fountoukos G., Bretas D. Manalis A., Mantas G., Dardaganis A., Kaisarlis M.
2017-03-23Installation and testing Garmin GNS430 of SXASG
2017-03-18Aeroclub Mesogeion at Mytilini
2017-02-16Dimitris Bretas 1st SOLO - on the right his FI Helias Koulouzis
2017-01-06Over the snowy Attica with the SX-ASG (Photo A. Poulkouras)
2016-12-03Early in the morning at Tatoi, Photo by A. Poulkouras
2016-11-19Completion of pavement construction project at Dekeleia Airfield
2016-11-12SXASG in Rally Flying at Dekeleia airport
2016-10-09Flight over Saronikos with SXASG (Lioumis G., Vavatsis K.)
2016-09-26Kaisarlis Marc, 1st SOLO with SX-ASV
2016-08-27Santorini flight with SX-ASG Lioumis G., Tsopelas I.
2016-07-301st Forest Fire Surveillance flight in 2016 with SX-ASV crew: PIC Giannikaras N, co-pilot Voulalas P.
2016-07-21Instrument Rating initial skill test for Babis Krontiris with SXASG
2016-07-071st SOLO flight of Sotiris Kyranakos with SXASG
2016-06-171st SOLO flight of Dionisis Zindros with SXASV
2016-06-01PPL initial skill test for Thanasis Dardaganis with SXASG
2016-05-071st SOLO flight of Giorgos Mantas with SXASV
2016-04-161st in rank in GA Competition at Dekeleia
2016-04-101st SOLO flight of Christos Ntzoidos with SXASV
2016-02-071st SOLO flight of dimitris Tzortzis with SXASV
2016-01-03Instrument Rating initial skill test for Thomas Kalpakoglou with SXASG - the 1st IR(A) graduate of Aeroclub Mesogeion
2015-12-22PPL (with Night Rating) initial skill test for Giorgos Fountoukos with SXASG
2015-12-20Elections for new Administration Board at Tatoi
2015-10-28Night Flight to Mitilini at FL95 with SXASG
2015-10-18PPL initial skill test for Antonis Manalis with SXASG
2015-09-08PPL initial skill test for Nikos Giannikaras
2015-08-011st sim session - Giorgos Fountoukos - I. Tsopelas
2015-05-303rd in rank at GA competition at Tatoi
2015-05-02Grounding refueling / parking area at Tatoi
2015-04-261st SOLO flight of Thanasis Dardaganis
2015-01-021st flight of 2015 - Tzavellas A. / Tsopelas I.
2014-08-231st Night Solo Giorgos Fountoukos - Mitilini
2014-08-15From Astypalaia to Samos
2014-05-11Dekeleia May 2014
2014-03-081st SOLO flight of Spiros Mavrokefalos with SXASG

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