Member Registration Fee 15 €
Member Annual Subscription Fee 30 €
Cessna 172 for licence holders
150 €/hour
Cessna 172 for student pilots
(VAT 24% included in the price, pay-as-you-fly)
180 €/hour
Simulator Elite Evolution S923 for student pilots
(VAT 24% included in the price, pay-as-you-fly)
140 €/hour
Theoretical Knowledge Instruction Cost
(VAT 24% included in the price,
payment before the commencement of the course)
30 €/hour
Payment methods -Cash
-Bank transfer
-Credit card    

1) For licence holders the above mentioned prices are valid exclusively for leisure flights (PVT) and not for training flights (TRN)
2) In case of out-of-base refuelling, the cost of flight is modified according to the difference of fuel cost per liter
3) Payments received via bank transfers, e-banking, or any other banking applications (e.g. Viva Wallet), need be made directly by the member (or the candidate member), whose full name will be clearly indicated on the transaction receipt, otherwise the transaction will not be accepted.
4) In case of a new member application, transaction receipts need be attached to the membership application form.
5) Related banking costs are borne by the applicant (please, choose OUR when making a bank transfer).
6) Flight time cost is calculated according to engine startup and shutdown time.
7) Prices are subject to change