The ferry flight of OO-SKG has been done by 3 pilots (Domeniconi Papadakis Alessio -the chief of the mission-, Tsopelas Ilias, Chiari Massimo), from 05/05/2004 to 15/05/2004 in 3 phases (because of the weather): Amougies (Belgium)-> Genova, Genova->Ozzano (Bolognia), Ozzano->Tatoi-Athens, total flight time 18:35h.
The ferry flight of OO-SKG Reims Cessna F172M started from Amougies (EBAM) airfield on 05/05/2004, at 07:20 UTC. Flight crew Domeniconi Papadakis Alessio and Tsopelas Ilias. Take-off from runway 29, having a heavy load at the baggage compartment fuel for 5:00h (OOSKG has extra-long tanks), cross-wind 16-17Kts, climb speed 85MPH and rate of climb 700FPM. Climbing only at 1000' with south-east heading, overcast at 1300-1400'. We pass the border line to France, heading to Reims, but we have to follow exactly VFR routes & Altitudes, avoiding CTRs. North-East French flat landscapes in front of us full of green colors.

North France, very close to Reims, 1200' AGL

Passing around Reims VOR, heading to central France, the weather becomes better and we climb at 3000-3500'. The picture is the same: flat landscapes, rivers, small forests, green and yellow colors everywhere. Wheather becomes better enough to climb up to 4500', ground speed 70-75Kts because of nose wind, true airspeed 115-120MPH at straight-level-flight, at 2300RPM.

Entering the downwind of 33R at Saint-Yan airfield, central-east France.

First stop at Saint-Yan few miles easter of Saint-Etien. We report 10ΝΜ north of Saint-Yan (LFLN) private airfield and at the downwind of 33R at 1800'. Landing with 20ο flaps, 85-90MPH on final and 12-15Kts cross-wind. Touchdown at 11:35 UTC taxing to gas station. None speeks english...

OOSKG is ready for refuelling at Saint-Yan (LFLN)

Flight plan from Saint-Yan to Bolognia-Ozzano airfield. Take-off from the same runway at 12:50 UTC and heading south, climbing at 7500' as the weather is very good. Passing the central France we meet formations by Mirrage 2000, and we avoid active areas with the help of the ATC controllers. Finally, we pass 6500' 2-3ΝΜ north from Cannes where the local airport dominates.

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Passing Cannes at 6500' with OO-SKG

We hold east-northeast heading and we pass Nice at the same altitude, passing the local aerodrome which was full of traffic. Ground Speed 105-108Kts.

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Nice Airport, from 6500' with OO-SKG

Passing Monte-Carlo and then the border line to Italy, we contact with Genova Appr., while the weather seems very closed to east.

Monaco-Monte Carlo, at 6500' with OO-SKG

Alpes on the left and very serious problem with clouds in front of us.

Beside Alpes at 6500' with OOSKG

VFR On Top passing Genova region, below us sea, temperature -5C at 7500, a picture taken from heaven!

VFR On Top at 7500' with OO-SKG

Gradually temp goes to -10C and clounds higher than us in front of us. We return Genova, holding 3-4min 10ΝΜ east of the airport, and then turning long-final of runway 29 to check ILS!

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Long final runway 29 at Genova ILS.

Short final and landing with 10ο flaps and 16-18Kts cross-wind (and a bit tail-wind). City of Genova on the right.

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Short final runway 29 at Genova

Touchdown at 17:10 UTC, exit to taxiway and hold till follow-me comes. OO-SKG was parked 3 days at Genova because of weather. Take-off on 08/05/2004, at 16:00 UTC runway 11 calm winds, climbing at 4500' heading east. On the left the city of Genova in a shinny day.

City of Genova taken by 2500', 08/05/2004

Apennines in front of us and some clouds on the top. Climbing at 7500' flying 15min VFR On Top having very good visibility.

VFR On Top at 7500' above Apennines Mountains

We contact with Milano Information and pass through Apennines, where some of the tops are full of snow.

Snow in Apennines Mountains, 08/05/2004

Following VFR routes we descend at 3500' and then at 2000'. The weather is perfect, we contact with Bolognia Approach, passing 2-3NM west of the airport of Bolognia and over the city.

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Passing 3NM west of Bolognia Airport at 2000'.

We have to note that when this flight performed Bolognia airport was closed because of works in progress. We passed almost over the center of the Bolognia city and then above Alessio house few Km outside of Bolognia...

Bolognia taken at 2000' with OO-SKG, 08/05/2004

Finally, heading east-south to the private airfield Ozzano few miles outside Bolognia. We made a low pass at 150' and turning on final with full flaps and IAS 70MPH for short-field landing. However, the runway is length enough (800m) for the C172.

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Ozzano airfield from 2000'.

Easy and soft landing at the grass of runway 21 at 17:50 UTC and exit holding elevator full up.

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Short-final runway 21 Ozzano.

Good hospitality and warm by the friends of Ozzano and OO-SKG stayed there til 13/05/2004 at the hangar because of the bad weather.

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OO-SKG at Ozzano

On 14/05/2004 at 13:15 UTC OO-SKG with flight crew Domeniconi Papdakis Alessio and Chiari Massimo, take-off from runway 03, climbing at 2500' and following strictly VFR routes & altitudes, landing at runway 35 of Brindisi (LIBR) at 17:20 UTC. Departure on 15/05/2004 at 07:10 UTC from runway 35, climbing at 5500' heading east.

The ferry crew of OOSKG from OZZANO to Tatoi:
Domeniconi Papadakis Alessio (right), Chiari Massimo (left).

Landing at Kerkyra International Airport at 8:40 UTC runway 17. Refuelling and departure at 13:50 local time Greece to Tatoi from the same runway. Climbing at 2500' because of clounds and landing at 16:20 at Tatoi runway 03. Welcome ceremony prepared by the members of the club with a lot of souvlakias for the hungry crew!!

Welcome party of OO-SKG at Tatoi 16:20 15/05/2004

The Administration Board of Aeroclub Mesogeion would like to thank all those who help to obtain this plane. Special acknowledgements to: Domeniconi Papadakis Alessio, Kostas Dionisopoulos, Christos Stathopoulos, Sotiris Stamou, Giorgos Efthimiadis, Chiari Massimo and the owner of Ozzano Mr Cortellini Alfredo.