Occurrence Report


Attention! Please read carefully the following instructions:

Please use this form to report any occurrence irrespective of whether it falls under the mandatory or voluntary reporting scheme. This form should be used for all occurrences which you consider to be directly or indirectly safety related.

The sole purpose is to collect information as part of our reporting system and within the scope of our safety management system in order to improve safety. Experience has shown that most accidents and incidents occur due to latent risks inherent in our systems. By reporting occurrences you contribute towards a proactive and predictive approach to safety. You protect yourselves, your passengers and fellow pilots.

Where does it go?
Information provided is strictly confidential and the identity of the reported is protected by the applicable European Regulations. Information provided will be treated according to the procedures laid down in the Safety Management Manual. The form will be sent directly to the Safety Manager for further analysis. Reports falling under the mandatory occurrence report scheme will be forwarded to the responsible national authority. Such reports will also be anonymised during processing.

What are the consequences for me?
In Mesogeion we actively promote a just safety culture and therefore we distinguish between acceptable(1) and unacceptable(2) behaviour. There are no consequences for individuals when their actions fall under the definition of acceptable behaviour. Individuals reporting occurrences will be protected and their reports treated in confidence.

(1) Acceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to errors, mistakes, lapses occurring as a result of a combination of operational conditions and human factors such as poor judgement. The key characteristic of acceptable behaviour is the lack of intention towards committing errors that might lead to an unsafe situation.
(2) Non-acceptable behaviour is any intentional behaviour to breach the organisation’s safety policy principles, undermine its safety objectives and act in ways to undermine deliberately our just culture, our safety, and which can directly threaten the life of those involved in operations and also third parties. Examples include intentionally violating rules, deliberately disregarding procedures, falsification of documents, acts of sabotage etc


1. Online: Please proceed to the online submission

2. Email: Download the Report

And please send it to Safety Manager:

3. Oraly: You may submit an oral report to Safety Manager (Rigas Iason).

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