If you want to join as a member of Aeroclub Mesogeion you have to first call or send an email to us and then fill in and sign the member registration application and submit it in one of the following ways, including also a color photograph:

1) The person that requests membership may submit it as a hardcopy at our office at Dekeleia Airport
2) By post to our mail address: AEROCLUB MESOGEION, Kritis 9, N. Ionia PC 14231 Greece, or
3) By email signed and colored-scaned at The email address from which the email is sent should be the same as the one written in the registration form and be a valid email address owned by the person who requests membership.

a) Member rights and obligations are refered to the Association Memorandum of our club.
b) Member registration fee and annual subscription: 15€ and 30€ respectively, total cost = 45€
c) Member application must be submitted (together with the payment of the registration and annual subscription fee of 45€) at least 7 days before the scheduling of the flight
d) Payment methods: in cash, card, bank transfer (read payment details).

Please contact us for more information about the membership registration procedure.

Note: The membership registration form can be found in our offices in Tatoi A/B or we can send it to you by email after our initial contact (email or phone).

Administration Board
President Fountoukos Georgios
Vice-President Kalpakoglou Thomas
General Secretary Lioumis Georgios
Cashier Manalis Antonios-Evangelos
Ephor Kladouchos Anastasios

Inspection Board
President Vavatsis Konstantinos
Member Kyranakos Sotirios
Member Theodosopoulos Georgios