Welcome to Mesogeion Aeroclub's website! Our club was founded in December of 1999 by those who love motion into 3-D space, flight, and freedom!

Our Cessna 172 SXASG (Photo G. Fountoukos)

Our Aeroclub is a member of the Hellenic Aerosport Association. It is also under supervision of the HCAA (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority), and has been approved as an EASA Approved Training Organisation (Licence No: EL-ATO-127), providing Private Pilot Licence Training PPL(A) for single-engine piston-land (SEP(land)) aeroplanes, Night rating (NR) and Instrument Rating according to PART FCL. The new type of training is being provided with a FSTD (close to C172RG) FNPT II simulator Elite Evolution S923 in contract with JetSims. The flight base of our club is at Dekeleia Airport (Tatoi), approximately 17 Km north of centeral Athens.

With more than 200 active members, 45 air athletes, 140 (PPL(A) - Night Rated - Instrument Rated) graduates, we are one of the most active clubs in Athens: At this moment, the fleet consists of 2 Cessna 172 single engine airplanes, while training staff comprise of 9 Flight and Ground Instructors. During the last 20 years, ten-thousands flights have been operated, long distance trips both within Greece and abroad (Belgium, Holland, Turkey etc.), participation in Rallies / Flight Competitions and many more activities have been done. Mesogeion Aeroclub promises absolute flight safety and training with one of the most popular airplane in the world: the Cessna 172.

Club history
December 2000: Obtaining a Cessna 150E 2-seat single engine piston aeroplane.
April 2001: Flights at Hellinikon (LGAT) Airport in Athens
July-September 2001: Participation to the Forest-Protection Program
April 2002: Flights at Dekeleia-Tatoi Military Airport with C150E, Attiki
February 2004: Training activities started at Tatoi airport
April 2004: Obtaining a Cessna 172M 4-seat single engine piston aeroplane
September 2005: A PIPER SENECA II PA 34-200T becomes part of our fleet
October 2005: The 1st JAR PPL(A) student pilot graduates from Aeroclub Mesogeion Registered Training Facility
October 2009: One more Cessna 172M becomes part of our fleet
July 2010: VFR Night flights started
October 2011: 2cd place at General Aviation Competition (Tatoi)
November 2011: 2cd place at General Aviation Competition (Tripoli)
March 2012: 3cd place at General Aviation Competition (Tatoi)
November 2012: 2cd place at General Aviation Competition (Tatoi)
September 2013: Participation in Athens Flying Week
October 2013: 2cd place at General Aviation Competition (Polykastro)
November 2013: 4th place at General Aviation Competition (Tatoi)
October 2014: Completion of SX-ASG General Maintenance
February 2015: Completion of SX-ASV General Maintenance
April 2015: EASA Approval of Training Organisation (ATO)
July 2015: Approval of Synthetic Training with Simulator Elite Evolution S923
April 2016: 1st place at General Aviation Competition - Precision Lands (Tatoi)
January 2017: Commencement of airmodelling activities
January 2018: 1st place at General Aviation Competition - Rally Flying (Tatoi)
February-October 2019: PBN upgrade of both SXASG and SXASV
February 2022: 2cd place at General Aviation Competition - (Tatoi)

The vision of our club is to become a great flight family of safe pilots, in order to experience beautiful moments on the ground and the air ..

Our Cessna 172 SXASV after night flying
on GA apron of Mitilini Airport