Aeroclub Mesogeion has performed great activity in General Aviation during last decade. Flight activity has to do with training flights, private flights of our members, participation in rallies (National-Local of Hellinic Aerosport Assosiation), fly-ins, and in programs for Forest Fire-Protection, search and rescue.

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Night flying at Mitilini airport

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Navigation flight at FL75 from Tatoi to Mitilini

Flight activities started on 09/12/2000 with a C150 at Dekeleia airport. From 08/04/2001 until 06/04/2002 our club's flights were executed by Athens Hellinikon airport with SX-ANR Cessna 150E. During this period our club participated succesfully at the Forest Fire-Protection of 2001 and for first time at Rally Flying at Volos on 02/06/2001. After Hellinikon closed-down, our club activities were transferred at Dekeleia airport permanently (ferry flight 06/04/2002).

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Our first airplane C150 SXANR at Tatoi

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