Our club's Memorandum has been approved by greek law authority in greek language. In case of any difference, the only valid document is the greek one.


of Association with the name


Chapter 1

Article 1

1. A First Association named Aeroclub Mesogeion.
The Association is a private nonprofit - aerosport legal entity.
2. HEADQUARTERS of the association is the municipal of Rafina-Pikermi.

Article 2

The objective of the Association is:
- To make known by all means the importance of air sports, with the aim of creating aviation awareness and the development and dissemination of the aviation spirit, especially to the youth.
- To systematically direct the new and inexperienced members into the safe flight of any Aerosport machine, both theoretically and practically, so as to develop the ability of athletes to participate in sports competitions.
- To contribute through its members together with the state to the protection of national wealth, human life, national heritage, etc.
- To initiate the interest of the competent authorities to support the activities of the Association by providing moral or material assistance.
- To develop communication and closer ties between its members by any appropriate method leading to social, professional, moral and material solidarity.
- To conclude and maintain friendly relations with other Greek Aerosport Unions and other pedagogical, educational, and spiritual clubs.
- To actively participate in social, economic, spiritual and cultural life of the country
- To support the objectives of ELAO
- The air sports cultivated by the club are the following:
General Aviation
Ultra Lights
However, it is possible in the future to cultivate other air sports that fall under the jurisdiction of the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI).

Article 3

Means for achieving of the Association's objectives indicatively are also the following:
1) The organization of competitions, exhibitions, festivals and airsport demonstrations
2) The organization and related technical lectures.
3) The foundation of initial and advanced training center in ballooning, airplane, paraglider, glider, helicopter, parachute and airfield for flying models.
4) The organization of air sports teams for each above mentioned air sports for participation in Greece and abroad in National and international competitions
5) The scientifically research discussions conferences, lectures etc., related with the activities of any air sports and the submition of such comments to the FAI through the legal representative of ELAO
6) The publication of magazines, books, leaflets and general publications or other communications media (video tapes, computer programs) or any other appropriate means deemed necessary.
7) The members information of the Association concerning job opportunities
8) The establishment and maintenance of lounges and aerosport centers for the use of members of the Association
9) The creation and growth of the association property using any legal way
10) Owned by the Association, leased or otherwise granted to the Association aircrafts, helicopters, aerosport machines, models etc.

The Association has the following duties:
1) Develops its activities in the area of headquarters
2) Cooperates with the Greek Aerosport Unions, with the permission of ELAO. It may cooperate with foreign related Associations
3) Collects relevant technical or other information from the Air Sports activities in the country or abroad and make them available to any interested
4) Develops competition regulations for internal use only and organizes internal competitions
5) Following the approval of ELAO may develop regulations for National use and organizes Peripheral and National competitions
6) Following the approval of ELAO organizes international competitions
7) Logs successful performance of its members and awards badges


Article 4

This Association is under the supervision and control of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and ELAO (Greek Air Sports Federation) and by the individual at the Greek Laws supervisory institutions.

Article 5

This Association is obliged to comply with the International Air Sports Regulations and rules as set out in the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). Also, it must adhere to under the ELAO issued regulations and circulars as well as instructions and recommendations.

Article 6

The resources of the Association are divided into ordinary and temporary.
1. Regular resources:
a) The right of subscription and membership
b) their annual subscription.
The level of enrollment and annual subscription determined by the Board of the Directors (BoD) the Association.
2. Temporary resources are:
a) Voluntary contributions from members
b) Donations, inheritances and bequests, subject to the approval of the General Assembly (GA)
c) Proceeds from festivals, lotteries, publications, reports, brochures, air photos, concession aircraft flying etc.
d) Grants and all types of loans from State resources and public or private law legal entities
e) Proceeds from asset divestment assets of Association
3. The annual fees must be paid during the beginning of the year and particularly during the first fortnight of the month of January each year.


Article 7

Founding considered those members named in the Constitution and have signed the founding act of the club. The founding members have the same rights and obligations as members of the Association, except that acquire the right to vote in the organs of the Association of the signing of the memorandum of association.

Article 8

1. The members of the Association, the number of which is also unlimited and irrespective of gender, have the right to elect and be elected to the management of the Association, during the procedures of this Statute.
2. The applicant shall submit to the BoD written request for registration in the Association which must be accompanied by the membership right and a proposal (recommendation letter) from at least two other members.
The granting of registration of the applicant a new member shall be taken by the BoD within deadline of 60 days from the filing of application secretariat.
If within a period of 60 days the relevant declaratory judgment of the BoD has not been issued, the prospective member is considered a member of the Association automatically and entered the 60th day after the application. For registration is issued declaratory act of the President of the BoD In case of failure to issue declaratory act the person may apply to the competent First Instance Court for resolution.
By decision of the BoD may be refused membership candidate, provided they are justified refusal of registration. In this case, the prospective member may appeal to the court of first instance depositing treatment.
Not required application for registration of the candidate to be accompanied by a proposal for two members (letter of introduction), if the candidate State has been ranked from first to eighth place in the Olympic, World or Pan-European race or from first to third place in Mediterranean, Balkan or National Games.
One year after the registration, the member has the right to elect and be elected.

Article 9

1. Honorary members are nominated by the BoD by a majority of 2/3 persons that have provided exceptional services or material assistance to the Association or aviation spirit in general.
2. Honorary members have the same duties and the same rights as members of the Association, except the right to elect and be elected in the Management of the Association and shall be exempt from the obligation to pay a annual fee.

Article 10

1. The registration and re-registration and the annual fee payable by members of the club by an amount specified by decision of the BoD obtained in December of each year and is valid for the next year.
2. Any kind of regular subscription or fee is subject to revision, but effective from the next financial year.
3. The membership registration fee is set at half of the annual fee
4. The right to re-registration equals the amount of the registration in the appropriate category
5. Missing to pay the ordinary or special financial obligations by a member for more than 12 months from the date appointed constitutes due deleting. The member however be deleted only for the above mentioned cause is entitled to re-register provided he/she pays the re-registration fee and all the money owed to the day of the deletion.
6. The BoD may relieve a member of its financial obligations for a given period as necessary as military service, study abroad, etc.
7. The member who has fulfilled his financial obligations or has been relieved of them is consindered as active member.

Article 11

The followings can not registered as members or participate in Boards of the Association:
1. Anyone who has not completed the eighteenth (18th) year of age.
2. Anyone who has been referred to court for a felony by summons or by an irrevocable panel until an acquittal is issued or has been irrevocably convicted of a felony, as well as anyone who has been convicted of a misdemeanor by an irrevocable court order issued in the last decade, either to imprisonment of at least one (1) year or, regardless of the amount of the sentence, for the criminal offenses of the Sport's law (2725/1999), and in particular for a criminal act punishable under Article 41ΣΤ of Sport's Law, or for the use or disposal of substances or methods of drug stimulation, espionage, theft, embezzlement, fraudulent bankruptcy, smuggling, tax evasion, bribery, extortion, influence mediation, counterfeiting, forgery, fraud, infidelity, fraud, fraud sexual intercourse, violation of the law on drugs, weapons and intermediaries.
3. Fall under the provisions of Article 3 of N2725 / 1999 (Sports Law)

Article 12

A member of Association is been deleted following a reasoned decision of the BoD
1. If convicted of an act referred to in Article 11 automatically after a declaratory act Discount issued within 15 days following the receipt of the BoD and in case slip by this deadline the declaratory act issued by the General Secretary of Sports, within the same deadline.
2. If guilty of a disciplinary offense incur deletion, as referred to in Article 15 herein.
3. If missing to fulfill his/her financial obligations to the Association, over than 12 months.

Article 13

While respecting their obligations, members are entitled to participate in meetings and other events of the Association and to systematically cultivate their potential for participation in sports competitions and enjoy all the benefits from their activities.

1. To respect and apply the provisions of the Associations Law, the Statute, the Internal Regulations, the principles of the association in general and the GA decisions and the BoD the Association.
2. To meet regularly and on time their financial obligations to the Association.
3. Make every effort to achieve the objectives of the Association and represent the Association to the Air Sports events
4. Do not develop political activity within the framework of the Association
5. Maintain a behavior which does not harm the reputation and interests of the Association or its members.

1. Membership is not transferable and not inheritable. Each member participates in the GA. in person with only one vote. Participation and voting by proxy is prohibited.
2. Right to vote and be elected in the governing bodies of the Association are the members who have met all their financial obligations to the Association.
3. The BoD may impose special reasoned decision, at the choice to members limiting the use of Aerosport centers available to the Association, for some time, when committed competitions, shows, national team training etc., or when necessary to ensure flight safety.
4. Each member paying annual financial obligations receives "Member Card" which is a proof of membership. Membership or "membership card" does not necessarily have to mean that the State has the ability to fly any aircraft or flying machine.

Article 14

Members have the right to withdraw from the Association at any time with a written statement to the BoD. A retiring member may be re-registered to the Association following the procedures in force, while paying the re-registration fee.

Article 15

A. Disciplinary offense
1. Any culpable violation of provisions of Unions law
2. Any violation of the Statutes or Internal Regulations or decisions of the GA or the BoD or prevention of their application.
3. Any act or omission contrary to the objectives or interests of the Association
4. Improper and generally incompatible with the conduct of the Association membership behavior
5. Any action which seeks to use the association for political reasons, or tends to introduce the Association variations or assessments of its members on the basis of political criteria.

1. Written note
2. Written reprimand
3. A fine which shall not exceed the equivalent of two annual subscriptions of class member owned the perpetrator
4. Recall the title of "honorary member" due to important reason
5. Suspension exercise some or all rights of membership until 24 months
6. Deletion from the Association

Disciplinary authority exercise at first instance the BoD and on appeal by the GA. Case concerning BoD members disciplinary authority always carries the GA.
BoD Decisions with which imposed the penalty of note, reprimand or fine are irrevocable.

The BoD, after receiving the knowledge of matter within the disciplinary offenses listed above raises officio disciplinary proceedings to examine the case. Before each penalty, the BoD calls written the member to apologize in writing or orally within 3 to 10 days.
The sentencing decisions of disciplinary bodies, which must be reasoned, served on the State punishable writing and acquire prestige of their notification to the member. The notification of the disciplinary decision moves the deadline for an appeal against it before the GA within 15 days. In such cases, the exercise of this judicial remedy suspend enforcement of the contested disciplinary decision.
The punishment member may resort to ordinary justice, having exhausted the relevant internal process or resign from it.
The BoD has the right to refer a disciplinary matter directly to the GA which has the right to examine a disciplinary matter directly, if the matter relates to the agenda, it is the only responsible for the Disciplinary BoD member misconduct or honorary member, then invites the Referred member to apology to the place, day and time at which the meeting in accordance with the above mentioned conditions, and its decisions on the above disciplinary measures taken by an absolute majority of the participants in the voting.

In principle, not be sanctioned member 2 times for the same disciplinary offense unless, after the imposition of the original lenient penalty uncover new facts unknown to the competent disciplinary organ of the Association, which if known to it at the outset, will lead, with certainty, the imposition of severe penalty.
All the above offenses can be punishable up to the penalty of deletion, which also imposed for late fulfillment of financial obligations to the Association over the 12 months.
Finally expelled member may submit a new application for registration, if no longer the reasons of cancellation apply according to the procedures and other requirements of Article 12 of this.

Article 16

1. The administration of the Association is exercised by a five (5 member) BoD, composed only of members of the Association, which is re-elected without limitation. Membership of the BoD are honorary and unpaid, however, they may be paid traveling expenses when members move to offer a service to the Association
2. The BoD elected every three (3) years by a GA convened in the first two months of the calendar year following election and secret ballot, conducted by a single ballot.
3. The elected four (4) Directors shall convene a special session within eight (8) days from the day of election at the invitation of member which collected most votes according to Article 23, par. 5
4. Each member of the BoD may at any time resign from his position as member of the BoD, with a simple written statement to the Chairman of the BoD
5. Each member of the BoD may deduct from that property if they resign or be expelled from the association if revoked by the GA unless it collects under the Law and the Statute required for the election of qualifications, by decision of the BoD, and if unjustifiably absents from three consecutive meetings of the BoD.
6. In the event that a member of the BoD resigns, dies, put in prohibition, or expelled in any manner the membership of the Association, the position occupied for the rest of his term, the first in order of finalists, and a new BoD is formed according to Article 23, par. 5 provisions.
Failure to fill vacant positions Special (or Regular depending on the period) GA within 30 days must be convened. If the remaining members of the BoD not timely convene the GA, they can convene at least 3 members of the Association.
7. The BoD meets regularly once every 3 months under the invitation of the President, or in special cases when deemed necessary by the President or upon written request of two (2) of the other members, which will include the issues of the meeting. The BoD is in quorum when three (3) at least of its members, necessarily one of the President, Vice President and Secretary General. On BoD no representation shall be authorized.
To receive the BoD decisions, an absolute majority of participants required to vote, unless otherwise provided in another article hereof. In case of a tie in open vote, the opinion prevails that won the vote of the Chairman.

Article 17

The BoD administers the Association and represents it judicially and extrajudicially, generally manage the affairs and disposes, under the restrictions of the Law and the Statute the property.
Decides valid for all cases not provided for in the Statute and for which there is no specific decision of the GA

Prepares the annual Association action program and the annual budget of income and expenditure, which it shall submit to the GA for approval, together with the annual report, the annual balance sheet and annual management report.
Takes all appropriate at the discretion of the measure for the realization of the Association's aims.
Supervises the compliance of the Statutes, internal regulations and the implementation of GA decision
Appointing and dismissing administrative staff of the Association.
Exercise disciplinary authority for members and all others in the Law and the Statute responsibilities and performs the GA decisions
BoD members personally and jointly share the responsibility for fulfilling the administrative and management powers and dick, and if no waiver is released from their responsibilities until the date of their resignation. They do not account for the BoD's decisions taken at a meeting of which were absent or were present disagreed; moreover, evidenced by the report of the meeting.

BoD members can not provide any payable employment to the Association or conclude agreements which entail taking a fee for provision of services aimed at making a profit by undertaking the project, commission or any other benefit to the Association.
Prohibited the BoD conclude contracts, independent services, work, supplies or any other contracts with a financial incentive to members of the BoD, with wives, children, parents and siblings or with legal entities in which these persons participate. Violation of this provision entails the deduction of BoD members who took the decision. The deduction is performed by decision of the competent Court.

Article 18

1. The President represents the Association before any judicial or other administrative authority, as against any third person or entity. Convenes Board members regular or extraordinary meetings, direct them and prepare them daily provision. Sign the minutes of meetings and all outgoing documents of the Association together with the General Secretary, ensures the faithful application of the Statutes, controls the Cashier to manage the finances of the club and co-signed by the Cashier payment orders and orders withdrawal of Deposited Money in the Banks of the Association and shall issue, accept and endorse checks with the Cashier and generally any securities.
2. The Vice-President replaces the President when hindered by some reason or absent, with all tasks and cooperate with him in carrying out the decisions of the Association.
3. The General Secretary monitors and controls the services of the association, which directs with the help of administrative staff. Supervises the keeping of minutes of meetings of the Board and the Association's books, except for accounting and cash and record and store the stamp and conduct correspondence, which he/she signs. The General Secretary in his/her absence or impediment, is replaced by one of the other board members, elected by it.
4. The Cashier takes care of all the assets of the Club and manages with personal responsibility of the Fund, draws up the annual financial report and budget of the Association, acting all payments to third parties in accordance with the decisions of the Board, receives money from any natural or legal person of public or other funds, undertakes deposited in the banks money Association, co-signs with the president all debt securities, ensure the money is the Association in banks, sees to the compliance with accounting and cash books Association and submitted to the Board for approval of the monthly reports on the financial situation of the Fund and projects of the annual budget, balance sheet and management report. The Cashier in his/her absence or impediment, is replaced by one of the other board members, elected by it.
5. The Ephor is responsible for the smooth operation of the headquarters of the Association, as well as all other facilities of the Association, taking care of the maintenance of order and the orderliness of the premises. 6. The Board may by resolution delegate to the term of office of representation and commitment of the Association for specific types of transactions or transactions in another or other members or to members of the Association.

Article 19

1. The GA is the sovereign body, composed of the members of the Association, which have fulfilled all their cash obligations.
2. Apart from the above members, the right to attend the GAs have:
- Three people who will be invited as observers or to answer questions of the body or Referred for disciplinary misconduct. These persons can not be present in the hall before invited to enter or when asked to leave.
3. The President of the GA has the right to expel from the hall of the GA meeting any person not entitled to attend this or a third person, if in his/her opinion the proper functioning or the legality of the meeting is being disrupted.
4. An absent member or a member unable to attend the GA can not be represented by another member.

Article 20

The GA is the sovereign body of the Association and decide on any matter relating to the Association, and its decisions are binding on members of the Association and its administration, except on a matter falling within the competence of another body.

- The approval of the annual activity report, the annual management account and balance sheet of the BoD
- The adoption of the Inspection Board annual report
- Discharge of the Admin. BoD and Inspection Board from any liability from acts or omissions.
- The adoption of the annual action plan and budget.
- The election, monitoring and termination BoD or its members and the Inspection Board or its members.
- The disciplinary penalties at secondary level
- The approval, amendment and repeal of bylaws
- The purchase of movable and immovable property, acceptance of inheritances or bequests and donations by natural or legal persons.
- The amendment of the Statutes, the change of purpose, elimination due to serious reason, and the breakup of the Association.

Article 21

1. The GA meets once a year as a GA between January and April, at the invitation of the BoD and in special cases at the request of the BoD or at least one third of members entitled to vote of the Association.
The GA convened by written invitation of the President of the BoD, which should include the serial number of the meeting, the date, time, place and topics of the agenda of the meeting and if they included an amendment of the Articles issues must be accompanied by the proposed amendments.
The members meet at annual Ordinary GA in the first two months of each calendar year. The exact date and agenda decided by resolution of the BoD The invitation sent to members at least seven days in advance. If the President of the BoD not convene the GA in ordinary session until February, at a special within 45 days of the decision of the BoD or the request of one third respectively of the members, as above, two members of the BoD may do so.
At the Annual GA the BoD necessarily presents an activity report and financial report.
2. GAs, ordinary or special, have quorum present (in person or by proxy) half plus one of the members entitled to vote. Failing such quorum GA meets again within seven (7) days from the canceled without new call and a quorum with as members are present.
At the beginning of the GA meeting elect the members of the Bureau consisting of the President, the Secretary and a Registrar, but this is not a valid when a GA convened on the initiative of the minority, following a court decision.
As chairman can not be selected as a member of the current Admin. BoD or Inspection Board.
The President shall declare the opening and closing of the GM, finds attaining the quorum, keeps the issues on the agenda, presides over discussions and puts matters to the vote, the Secretary shall keep the minutes and the Ephor supervises voting, sorting of the votes and recording the results.
Until the election of the Bureau of the GA, the Chairmain is the President of the BoD.
3. The GA decisions taken by show of hands.
But especially secret voting ballots conducted on the following topics:
a) The appointment or revocation of members of the Admin. BoD and Inspection Board
b) trust Subjects to the BoD
c) To approve the annual report of its activities and the annual management report of the BoD and exemption from all liability.
d) The approval of the Inspection Board annual report and exempt from any liability
e) personal matters.
Exceptionally, however, where there is agreement of all members present, the vote on the issues c) and d) can be made by show of hands.
Participants in the GA may participate in the vote by voting issue, or voting against the issue or not to express interest, to cast a blank ballot or that indicate this, or not participate in the vote (absent or declare absent or not vote).
The GM's decisions taken by an absolute majority of the members participating in the vote, which requires more than half the votes of the total votes (valid and invalid), but in the case of the election of Admin. BoD members and Inspection Board relative majority.
In case of a tie made up to three successive votes, and if the tie persists, a new GA shall be convened within a month, to resolve the matter.
Decisions of the GA, taken in violation of the law or the Articles of Association, shall be null and void.

Article 22

The Inspection Board comprises three members. The member who received the most votes must convene the first meeting, thus the board elects its president and the two members. It's members can not be members of the BoD. The Inspection Board elected by the GA and its term is the same as the BoD.
The Inspection Board (IB) may at any time it deems appropriate and at least once a year to inspect the accounts and other books of the Association, which the BoD to make available within three days.
The IB reports to the next GA, without it the GA can not validly decide on the annual accounts and the annual management report of the Board, while it is entitled to communicate directly to its members, whenever it considers that directly jeopardize the interests of the Association.

Article 23

1. The members of the association have the right to vote and to be elected, according to par. 4 of article 2 of Law 2725/1999 as in each case, and provided that they have fulfilled their financial obligations to the association. The other members only have the right to speak and participate in the discussion. Each member participates in the GA in person with only one vote. Participation and voting by proxy is prohibited.
2. At least ten (10) full days before the convening of the GA, the BoD of the association prepares and publishes a list of members who have the right to participate and vote. The publication of the above list is done by pasting it on the bulletin board or, in case of non-existence of such a board, in another visible and freely accessible place for the members of the offices or facilities of the association. A report is prepared for the above mentioned announcement, which is signed by the chairman and the secretary of the BoD. In case the association maintains a website, the list is published by posting it electronically on the relevant website. Each member of the association has the right to submit to the BoD written objections against the list within an exclusive period of three (3) days from its publication. The BoD decides definitively on the objections submitted on time, no later than two (2) full working days before the appointed day of the GA and, in case the submitted objections are accepted as valid, amends the list accordingly. The amended list of members who have the right to participate and vote in the GA is published in the manner described above, no later than the previous day of its holding.
3. The nominations for the promotion of the statutory bodies of the sports club are carried out by a three-member supervisory committee, which is obligatorily chaired by a lawyer, as a judicial representative. The chairman of the supervisory committee and his deputy are appointed by the Lawyer's Association, in the region of which the association is based, at the request of the latter. The remaining two (2) members of the supervisory committee and an equal number of alternates are elected by the GA.
4. The procedures for the election of the BoD are carried out with a single ballot paper of candidates for chairmen and directors. The ballot papers are divided into two separate sections. In the first part, which is placed at the top of the ballot paper, the names of the presidential candidates are listed in alphabetical order. In the second section, the names of the candidate directors are also listed in alphabetical order. The voter votes for the presidential candidate and the candidate councilors of his choice with a cross marked next to their name. The voter crosses with one (1) cross the candidate for president of his preference and is entitled to cross candidate councilors up to two thirds (2/3) of the total of the positions to be elected, including that of the president. If a decimal number is obtained when calculating the preference crosses, it is in any case rounded to the next whole unit. The election takes place in the order of the preference crosses collected by the candidates. A candidate for president who receives at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the valid ballots in the first ballot is elected as a member of the BoD, occupying the position of the candidate councilor who is elected having received the fewest crosses of preference. In the event of a tie between two or more presidential candidates, the chairman shall be elected in accordance with the procedure set out in the first subparagraph of paragraph 6. In case of a tie between candidate councilors, if it is a tie that has received the fewest crosses of preference, the final ranking is made by drawing lots by the selection committee. The number of candidates of each gender must be at least equal to one third (1/3) of the number of seats to be elected, including that of the president. If a decimal number appears in the calculation based on the above fraction, it is rounded to the next whole unit.
5. The Vice-Chairman, the Secretary, the Cashier and the Ephor of the BoD are elected, by an absolute majority, by all the elected directors at its first meeting convened for the purpose of forming a body. If the post of President becomes vacant due to death, resignation, removal from post or for any other reason, the new President shall be elected in accordance with the procedure referred to in the first subparagraph hereof, after the vacancy has been filled by the first non-elected, in a series of crosses of preference, consultant. In the event that for any reason the BoD does not complete the term for which it was elected, the new BoD is elected for a term equal to the remainder of the term of the previous one.

Article 24

By decision of the Board temporary or permanent committees may be defined, which help the Board in the exercise of its work or to undertake to carry out a specific purpose. These Committees have the rights and obligations established by the Board, appointed and dismissed by it, and its composition is determined each time by decision of the Board

Article 25

For the acquisition or mobile from onerous cause, requires prior approval of the GA, bequests and inheritances to the Association are always made to the benefit inventory.
The exploitation of the property of the association which implies the involvement of a speculative business is prohibited, for purposes other than those provided for by statute.

Article 26

1. The amendment to this Statute, may only be a special session of the GA, convened specifically for this purpose called Constitutive GA, likewise also the breakup of the Association.
2. To set Statutory GA a quorum of more than 50% of its active members is required, while decisions are taken by a majority of three quarters of the present members of the GA.
3. When dissolve the Association shall go into purging and is considered to exist only for this purpose.
4. Following the decision to dissolve the Association, the GA elect three administrators, which were mostly proceed to purge the assets of the Association.
5. In case of breakup the assets of the association perambulate in the General Secretariat of Sports, it breakups when members of the Association are less than ten (10).

Article 27

The Association maintains:
- Memberlist Records Book
- Protocol incoming and outgoing documents Book
- Boards meeting minutes Book
- Fund (revenue and costs) Book
- Assets Book

Article 28

1. For matters not provided in this Statute and there is no decision of the GA or the Board the relevant provisions shall apply to the Civil Code and other Laws of Associations
2. The Association is subject to the power of Associations of Greek Air Sports Federation (ELAO), which the Association recognizes as representative of FAI for Greece. The Association may be made subject by decision of the GA under the control of the General Secretariat of Sports, where the Laws or the provisions mentioned anything relevant or in any fund is created or want to promote airsports.

Article 29

The Seal of the Association is round and bears around the name of the Association and in the center an illustration of a flying badge.

Article 30

This Statute, which consists of thirty (30) articles, after the amendments made to it to be fully harmonized with the provisions of Law 2725/1999, as amended and in force today, was discussed and voted on by article and in full, and was approved as it is by the GA and will be valid, as amended, by the registration of the decision that will approve it in the records of associations of the Athens Court of First Instance.

Pikermi 27/02/2022