Pilot Training PPL(A) - IR(A) - Night Rating


Aeroclub Mesogeion EASA Approved Training Organisation (auth. No EL-ATO-127) offers integrated (air and ground) training courses for those who want to obtain the PART FCL Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) in light single-engine land aeroplanes day and night, and Instrument Rating.

Pre-flight inspection checks - training with SXASV

Download detailed information for pilot training in the following file (pdf format):

The unforgettable joy of 1st-SOLO with SXASV, Zoi Kouparitsa, Tatoi, 02/12/2012

-Participation in school tests (computer based, like official exams at HCAA) is mandatory (no cost)
-Ground and flying training are executed at DEKELEIA / TATOI and Megara (alternate) airfield. Each student pilot may arrange flights/ground school according to his/her needs directly with his/her ground/flight instructor.
-Theory training for Night and Instrument Rating is executed at El. Venizelos Athens International Airport Building 46, Spata.

Preflight exterior inspection checks - with SXASG

Flights: At Tatoi-Dekeleia Airport
-> Saturday-Sunday-Official Holidays: Sunrise to sunset
-> Monday-Friday: From 15:00 to sunset

Our trainers can give lectures to english language too. All books that our Training Facility proposes to student pilots are in English language. Aeroclub Mesogeion training personel emphasizes to the integration of theoretical knowledge with flying practice, in order to achieve flight safety standards and compliance with EASA PART-FCL legislation and the corresponding AMC and GMs. In case of distance learning, ground instructors provide online help to the students, while for each theory module the student participates in a self-assessment and progress test. For the succesfull integration of each theoretical object the student participates in a final exam, using CBT method (special software that simulates official exams of HCAA) in a PC.

Night training operations - with SXASV

TSOPELAS ILIAS Accountable Manager - Head of Training
RIGAS IASON Safety Manager
MAZARIS STEFANOS Compliance Monitoring Manager

TSOPELAS ILIAS Chief Flight Instructor

DOMENICONI PAPADAKIS ALESSIO Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.
VAMPORAKIS EVARESTOS Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.
GIOTOPOULOS ILIAS Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.
THERMOS VASILEIOS Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.
KOULOUZIS HELIAS Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.
RIGAS IASONAS Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.
TZAVELLAS ALEXANDROS Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.
TSOPELAS ILIAS Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.
TSOLIS SPYRIDON Flying Instructor - Theor. Know.